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Useful Links

We are all expats at My Expat Network and we have found the following links to be useful.

We hope you like them too.

Sabai VPN Routers

Access great content via your Smart TV, Games Consoles, Roku, and Apple TV by creating a home network..

Roku - BBC iPlayer app for smart TVs

The Affordable On Demand Player! The box comes with 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Free Download Manager

Some of our customers have found that using Free Download Manager works really well to reduce download time and make them easily accessible

Streaming Video Recorder

It is possible to download video from a streaming video source, and we have used this application without any problems

Speedbit Video Accelerator

Open up the world of High Definition videos as HD Video Accelerator for YouTube lets you stream HD videos quickly with significantly reduced buffering times

PCTV Connect

Link your TV to the laptop, the PC - and the web